Violent Acres Dump: Idiots and Animal Rescue — 5 Comments

  1. So VA doesn’t take comments, or am I just a dumb bitch who can’t figure out how her blog works?

    I adore this girl — first the baby/marriage post, now this. I’ve been peripherally involved in animal rescue and sadly, this type of exchange occurs all too often. Well, at least asshats like this guy telegraph exactly who they are — you don’t have to take them through the application process to realize they’re clueless idiots who have no idea about what it means to bring home a dog.

  2. @Gretchen: VA doesn’t give a crap what you think – she says so. Thus no comments, no email to contact her. You can write on your own blog and link back and it will show on her blog. What’s really sad about the experience is that this dipwad probably ended up with a dog/cat.

  3. Oh sweetie, they always do. Only with a rescue organization will you get any proper screening; at an animal shelter, you’re in if you can pay the fee. I think they may do some sort of search to see if you have any criminal record for animal cruelty, but otherwise, carte blanche.

    Good for her on not giving a shit. Me, I’m a comment whore.

  4. gotta be frustrating when you’re a VA groupie and you’re dumber than the guy who wants the dog, quote from VA’s blog: “A typical email exchange,” EMAIL EXCHANGE, dumbkopf, EMAIL, not (and again, I quote, but from this blog instead) “a real dumbass on the phone.” PHONE!!/?? tsk, tsk, not really taking the time to READ, just like the dumbass on the … uh, what was it?

  5. @Gretchen: VA breaks all the rules of “blogging as conversation” and has a big following. I guess if I had a vent-only blog, I wouldn’t want anybody arguing with me either.

    @CJ: Hee. thanks for pointing out my error. Of course it was email. If you have VA dumbass badge, I would display it.