Violent Acres – The Birthday Card Comments — 5 Comments

  1. VA – Jesus H. Christ will you check into EMDR therapy already? Look it up. Not like you missed my comments to your Sandler Apology or anything…

    For fuck’s sake, it’s the only thing proven to help people… well, people who have a hundred dollars or so (per session) to spend on healing their traumatized brain… Which you seem to have, so suck it up and do it already. I have found it to be so useful that I have seriously considered fund raising for low income people to have greater access to it. Hell, if it is good enough for veterans of governmental wars, it might just be good enough for you, considering what you have been through. I dunno.

  2. VA – That is creepy as hell. Is it time for a name change?

    I honestly don’t know which is worse: the kind of mother that would kill you as soon as look at you, or the same kind of mother minus the obvious “tells” like sticking a knife in you.

    On one hand… somebody stuck a knife in you! That gives me chills. On the other hand, maybe you wouldn’t have realized your mother’s game for what it was and would still be in danger from her. I’m not trying to say there’s a silver lining to your situation. I’m not sure there is. Unless she included a big letter talking about all the therapy she’s been through, she’s absolutely not apologizing for past behavior. She’s probably deliberately trying to fuck with your head or make you vulnerable.

    I had a crazy roommate once that got physically abusive with me, and I moved out entirely one day while he was at work (on the advice of a lawyer). I eventually got my apartment back, but I lived there every day in fear that he’d show up. Changing the locks was a necessity, but who would be there to protect me if he was waiting outside my front door or in the parking lot?

    Be safe, and definitely have your friends watching your back. You can always walk around naked in your private bedroom, even if you have a roommate. I’m guessing the police won’t do very much to help you, but maybe they will.