Violent Acres: Training Children Part II; Effective Negative Reinforcement — 3 Comments

  1. Hmm, well, discipline is always problematic. Definitely the worst thing you can do is empty threats; Ben is frequently guilty of this. His problem is that he often doesn’t feel like putting down the remote control or getting up to enforce his ultimatums (ultimata?).

    My positive reinforcement of the kids tends to be verbal rather than material, and negative reinforcement is done by removing privileges (snacks, TV, etc.). Of course, there are enough times when I just howl at them like a banshee, but that’s notoriously ineffective and I try to avoid it.

  2. @Queen of Shake Shake: Yes, I think she has two kids. But she really doesn’t care what you think! Check her FAQ’s: pretty healthy blog attitude if you stop and think about it.