Would Shakespeare Have Been a Blogger? — 6 Comments

  1. Yah, #2 gets my vote. It’s got a bit of Goth edge. Nice!

    Animated signatures are distracting. The only thing worse than those is on the mommy message boards where these broads have these six-inch-tall photo signatures with calligraphy and pictures of their kids. I say go subtle.

  2. Okay, I’ll ad another vote for #2. At first I was thinking of #3 might be a good choice but then I thought about it further and figured that #2 fits your personality better as if someone really shouldn’t get within 20 feet of you unless they had a death wish or something of a similar nature. Especially if you were seen to be carrying a sharp object, chainsaw, lawnmower and other similar tools of destruction.

  3. I guess I’m the “Odd woman” out but I like #3 the best. Now, if you’re asking which signature fits YOUR PERSONALITY best, I think I would have to go with #1. It’s bold—in your face and goes quite well with your saying, “When I turned 60 I thought I had patience, Turns out I just don’t give a S—”

    OK…another shameless plug.

    I’ll be interviewing actor-comedian and fellow baby boomer Michael Winslow on Monday on my internet radio show.

    Remember him from the Police Academy movies and the Geico commercial?

  4. @ Nessa: thank you.
    @ Gretchen: Goth! Oh I got lots of black shirts. Black is slimming you know.
    @Kirk M.: You prefer an X, probably???
    @Beverly: That’s deep. Should I get my waders?