Xer’s at Pod Camp Nashville While I’m Doing Yahoo Live. What’s Wrong with This Picture? — 10 Comments

  1. @The Absurdists: ayup. What really cracks me up is that these Xers think the represent the bleeding edge! Are you familiar with Bar Camps? If there is one near you, try to attend. I haven’t been to a “real” one, on the Bible Belt version.

  2. The WiFi was unfortunately down (I’ve voluteered to make sure it *works* at the next ‘Camp), which meant next-to-no activity (I was on via 3G). You are correct that the ‘Camp site could have better communications and contact ‘functionalities’ to keep people ‘in touch’ before, during and after– instead of sorting business cards and making private emails– but remember this is volunteer.

    I doubt Yahoo Live is the solution to go for, but anyone is welcome to contribute to making these events better.

  3. @Ken Thomas: at Bar Camp there wasn’t enough electricity! Amazing! I wasn’t suggesting Yahoo Live is the solution, it’s not meant for that, but did it even come up?
    What does Twitter have to do with Podcasting?

  4. Other than as a host for podcasts, YL didn’t get much discussion that I heard.
    Twitter=new media= cool way to keep in touch/distribute info, like podCasting.
    The GenX “new thing” does have an annoying edge, from people thinking that Twitter is ‘something new’ to the guy (who makes sites with WordPress) who kept declaring that WordPress was a good choice for ‘corporate sites.’

  5. Really? I’ve migrated a few people out of WordPress (and into Drupal) over the last year, & find WordPress mind-bogglingly limited and closeminded in how it does things… minimal features, little expansibility, no interoperability… want a good search feature, meaningful and customized article teasers based on categories, intra-user communications, or anything vaguely more than a static site with a basic blog inside? Not on WordPress :P…

  6. @Ken Thomas: I was thinking corporate blog site, as opposed to multiple author blog. I don’t have any experience with anything other than WordPress. Obviously you are way past me on this stuff. I bow to your wisdom.

  7. ive been camping in various spots like canada, northern california, nevada and minnesota but never in Tennesee, i bet the BBQ is much better and the fishing down in the bayou is really something to experience!