You Have a Choice: Eloi or Morlock? — 8 Comments

  1. Hmmm, sounds like a Stepford race — but I have to correct you on Venice Beach. That area attracts some of the weirdest humanoids I’ve ever seen — though there are some multimillion-dollar houses in Venice, the rich, gorgeous types mainly stick to Malibu, Santa Monica and Newport Beach. The first time I went to Venice, I saw a garishly made-up female, wearing a miniskirt and roller skating along the sidewalk. She fell onto the sidewalk, legs askew, only to reveal that (1) she wasn’t wearing underwear and (2) SHE WASN’T A GIRL.

  2. Oh, sorry! I meant the futurist or whatever he’s called. He’ll be dead and gone by the time anyone knows whether he was right or wrong.

  3. @Winston: But we don’t have to travel and there will be a bunch of us! Par-tay.
    @Incurable Insomniac: Drive thru surgery will be priced like Starbuck – just a little more than you know you should pay, but not enough to keep you from it.
    @Suldog: Yeah, right! I gotcha now. So true. Kind of like those trend forecasters – or a stock analcyst.