You’ll Love What We’ve Dug Up For You — 8 Comments

  1. VD- ha! That’s how Ben always refers to Valentine’s Day. We tend to gloss over it because our wedding anniversary is just two weeks beforehand. That’s enough romance for us.

    My older daughter has an anatomical heart tattooed across the top of one foot with “Dad” on a banner across it. Looks a lot like that picture, only ink not chocolate. That’s my girl!

  2. HalfBrainBoy will adore that chocolate brain next year. Gotta remember it. Thanks for that link… Awesome. He’ll love it for his brain surgery anniversary even more, though. Thanks. 🙂

  3. @Rhea: it’s chocolate you communist!

    @Gretchen: Love the tat – why does that not surprise me in the least?

    @Keri: Coming soon: Happy Brain Surgery Day HalfBrainBoy! What a celebration! Which half is missing? Does he blog? or is that the half they took out? I gotta a kid who’s brain kept swelling so they had to go in a bunch of times and remove some ego. (she was in TV news.)

  4. Well, he actually has far more than half left. And he blogs at 500miles more than I do these days. I started there and he is kind of taking it over. 😀 He’ll celebrate 7 years cancer free this June. And thank you.