A Boomer’s Suggested Names for “Adult Day Care” — 3 Comments

  1. Okay accurate or not….that last batch kind of ‘ooged me out.’ Did YOU come up with all of these gems? I think your brain is working well beyond a place where many of us dare not go.

  2. It is usually called “elder care” now. Being a woman, I don’t like any of your suggestions. I think, for men, it should have a sort of English clubby sound, don’t you? A place where men sit around all day and smoke pipes and settle the affairs of the world…

  3. @Joy: all material on my blog is original, unless it’s not. Snowbound Weekends tend to drive my mind to unusual places.
    @Suburbancorrespondent: Being a man, I didn’t think women would like any of these suggestions. English Clubby Sound? Stroker’s Pavilion doesn’t sound clubby?