Boomer Begs: Bring Back Bleeding Madras — 21 Comments

  1. Yeah, Madras was awesome, although these days I absolutely refuse to take on responsibility for the care of such garments, speaking from a laundry perspective. It’s jeans and t-shirt all the way for this family, except of course for the lawyerly suits Ben is required to wear to work.

    Good limerick. Sam came home from school today reporting he had learned some limericks, although unfortunately they came from his teacher and were therefore no fun at all.

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  2. @Gretchen: you iron his shirts? Kewl that Sam learned about Limericks today – good teacher to tie it in with St. Pats.
    I have faith that before long Sam will make you proud!

  3. Oh My Gosh…Madras. I hadn’t thought about those shirts in years….and yes, they were pretty cool. Everyone and their uncle had madras shirts when I was in school. Crew cuts and madras shirts…too studly.

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  4. Since I am only a Junior Geezer, I am not old enough to remember the original heyday of Madras, but I suspect your wish for a comeback is right around the corner. Unfortunately, it seems to be only for women’s fashions.

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  5. Iron his shirts, my fanny. Early in our dating I offered to iron his dress shirts and he said “I pay lackeys to do that.” (Except he didn’t say lackeys.)

    Sam already makes me proud every day, although he is so like his father it’s frightening.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Ack! Penis!

  6. Oh boy, have found my beautiful [size xxl] getting tight around the middle, probably shrunk in washing, right??, sure. So a search on www finds xxxl at Old Navy. and reasonable. Maybe not the patterns of past tho, but will aleviate the tightness ’em!!

  7. @Tom: Cool man. Old Navy doesn’t have the patterns, you’re right, but nobody does. Close enough! Now add some striped pants (see more recent post) and you will be haute!

  8. OMIGOSH! I would love to have some bleeding Madras clothing again! Wore it so much in high school that my friend called me the Madras Gypsy! Where can I get the real stuff †oday?

  9. First of all that is real madras sold by those companies. You are an idiot if you don’t realize that. “Bleeding madras” isn’t the only madras out there. Madras doesn’t even need to hold a plaid pattern to be called “madras.” Madras is simply light-weight cotton fabric originating in Indian. If you want plaid madras that will still bleed do two things: 1. fly to Chennai and buy some or 2. get a Ben Silver catalouge. They occasionally sell some non colorfast “bleeding” madras for old times sake.

  10. Oh ya…. you were still wrong. Forgot to address that in your reply. Just wanted to let you know. Idiot.

  11. I couldn’t agree more in wishing that India wolud start using the veggie dyes again and I think that with all the baby boomers still out there that wore them in the 60’s, it would be a viable market for someone! I have purchased a couple from O’connell’s but they don’t seem to bleed like I remembered them too?

  12. “You know what a Soc is? White trash with Mustangs and Madras” Soces wore Madras, and Greasers wore t-shirts