Epic FAIL: WOWOWOW; Stahl, Goldberg; Coulter; Noonan; Smith; Wells; Launch Site for Wo’s. — 5 Comments

  1. Every last one of those broads is a giant load.

    Besides: blogging by women over 45, ho hum. Who on earth would read that shit? HA.

  2. @Gretchen: I agree. It’s got to be an ego – cocktail chatter deal. Of course that’s why I blog: cocktail chatter at LeClub du Golf. Past menopause women don’t have anything to write about anyway. Oh, except knitting and S.E.X. trips.

  3. What Liz, Mary, Peggy, Lesley and Joni ought to do is invest in those of us who have something relevant to say about the real issues we face and who are on the move and making a difference at midlife. Oh, but we’re just REAL PEOPLE so I guess we’re not in their league. WHATEVER!