Every TaTa/Jaguar Joke I Could Think of Crammed Into One Lousy Post — 8 Comments

  1. You know, there really should be some sort of punability award, for you are the master, Sixty, y’auld fecker.

  2. Hey! That was hilarious man. Mind if I share a funny with ya? I know it’s kinda silly, but oh well. Ok, What do you call a cajun bear? Hebert! Get it? Probably not. I guess it’s just a Louisiana funny. I’ve been watching for jokes and pranks on the net all day man. The funniest ones I found were kinda bad, but it seems like they are the best. I like all blond jokes too. I found some really funny prank calls on youtube. Just search “prank phone calls” on there and that should keep you laughing for like a day alone! I even found a place that tells you how to make your own stink bombs . I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to if my momma will let me. So what makes you smile the most? Do you like that show Jackasses? Knoxville is so funny! Well thanks for the laughs. I had fun!