Jamie Lee Curtis is Thinner and Gray and Running Her Mouth About How Great it is to Be Old. — 15 Comments

  1. She has bared herself several times without Photoshopping in major publications, so what’s new? I think it’s just a marketing gimmick for a has-been actress to keep herself in the public eye. I’ve never cared much for her since she made a movie in the Midwest and her behavior outside the set was less than stellar. Besides, she creeps me out – she looks like her dad in drag.

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  2. That’s just great Jamie. I’m SO happy for you and your grey head. If I had the means to have an entourage of people at my beck and call to pound out every fat lump on my body…I’d be feeling pretty good too. I’m smarter than when I was 20 years old too….but feeling way better now…and stronger. What vitamins is she taking? I agree that self-knowledge comes with growing older; but so does the ability to recognize a bunch of bull when we see it.

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  3. Always seems like she wants acceptance too badly. Lucie Arnaz, Lucial Ball’s daughter strikes me similarly. Wish they’d become plumbers, teachers, anything but entertainers, putting that neediness out there. Jamie was crowing about how great it was to let her body go to hell a few years ago, now she’s getting in shape. Wish I could get someone to pay me to get my hair highlighted.

  4. Dude, you SO don’t want to see that shit anyway. She was near the end of her shelf-life in “True Lies” and that was forever ago. Not that I am being superior because I know no one wants to see any bit of my goods (see Camel Toe post).

    JLC will probably do anything she can for publicity these days, but what does she care? She is married to Christopher Guest who comes from auld, auld English money. So all she has to do is say hello to Little Icky from time to time (or look the other way while someone else does it).

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  5. Well, there is this one thing about age. If you’re not getting any older, there is only one possible explaination. You’re dead!

    So why is everyone freaking out about getting older?

  6. I’m 61 and had to blog who she was/is. I liked the fact that she weighs 158 pounds. Some of us have never done anything to our hair: we’re too poor or cheap. So let the grey/gray come on. I notice in the grocery store parking lots that us gray panthers(yes, I know it’s a national group) check each other out to see if we know each other. It’s better than face lifts, scary.

  7. Let’s face it, life after 50 sucks. Whoever said that being over 50 was the best time of life was obviously delusional. Wake up and look around. Better yet, look in the mirror.”

    With every magazine these days featuring baby boomer articles, you read a lot about how those of us over 50 are enjoying our lives as never before. We’re that special generation that “changed everything.” We’re told we are spoiled silly and believe we are entitled to everything.

    We’re told life is good. Our kids are grown and out of the house; We finally have enough money to do the things we want; We have plenty of time to travel; We’re physically fit – we walk, we jog, we ride bikes. We are happily planning our retirement: we love spending time with our grandchildren; 60 is the new 40; Our sex lives are better than ever.

    What a lot of crap.

    Wake up all you over 50plus-ers and look around. Better yet, look in the mirror. Get it. We’re being brainwashed.

    Okay, it’s time to pay the truth game.

    I don’t know about you, but I had a better body in my twenties and thirties than I do know. I was definitely more attractive. Women on the street checked me out. My stomach was hard (so were other parts of my body). I had more hair on my head and it wasn’t gray, thin or wispy. I didn’t have to “touch it up.” My skin was skin-color not grayish. It was taut, unwrinkled and didn’t have “those horrid age spots.”

    I rarely needed Tums and hadn’t even heard of Metamucil, let alone use it regularly. I could hear everything and my memory was terrific. My teeth were whiter, my eyelashes were longer and my ears were normal size and not getting bigger.

    When I lied about my age it was to make myself older. I never ever considered pulling my cheeks back “just to see” how I might look if I had a face-lift. I didn’t have nose hair, ear hair or back hair.

    My career was exciting and I was respected for my talent and intelligence. People in my profession knew who I was. When I called someone, the secretary would put me through and never ask me “does he know you” or “what is this in reference to?” My company paid me what I was worth and I got promotions and raises. I didn’t worry about some younger guy replacing me for half my salary. Jobs were abundant other than a clerk at Home Depot or “welcome to Walmart.” I had confidence in my abilities and I had money in my wallet.

    There was family. I had cousins and aunts and uncles who were all still alive. There were weddings, births and bar mitzvahs. My parents were around and were proud of me.

    I had lots of friends. Hanging out and getting stoned was what it was about. I seemed to laugh more. New experiences happened all the time. I shared summer houses at the beach and ski houses in the mountains. My vacations were adventures. Every day was NOT the same.

    I looked forwards to my birthdays. I looked ahead, rarely back. I never mentioned or cared about the old days. I never read articles about aging or old people. I hardly knew anyone who died.

    I didn’t have major health concerns. I didn’t have to have my prostate checked or consider colonoscopies. Viagra wasn’t invented yet and that was fine by me. I didn’t use anti-depressants, my cholesterol was good and my blood pressure was normal. I didn’t need glasses, not even for reading. I never looked at the ingredients on labels and I didn’t care about my sugar, salt, fiber or saturated fats.

    Call me superficial. Are these things what’s really important in life? DUH, what do you think?

    I realize all that I mentioned are part of life and I accept that fact reluctantly. And I guess that’s my point. Just stop ramming that boomer nostalgia down my throat. We so-called boomers are not a feel-good club. I couldn’t give a rat’s— about hula hoops and Davy Crockett hats.

    I’ll do my best to end my rant on a positive note. I’m still here and (more or less) healthy. I have a pulse and I think I learned a lot in those 50+ years. After all these years I think I’m finally a good person. I like a lot of people and some actually like me.

    Here’s the ironic part: Even though I don’t like it, I believe all of the above is part of life (sounds like I’m copping out) and we need to accept it and even embrace it all.

    Hey, do we have a choice?

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    • FINALLY–Someone speaks the truth (at least my truth, anyway) You actually said every single thing I am thinking. Time after time, I have wondered about these people they interview who say they have never been happier and this is the best time of their lives. I always wondered who in the —-these people were. I think some of it has to do with how many losses you have been through—it has been one right after the other for me so life is pretty colorless for me. Thanks for speaking for some of us, at least.

  8. @Cary: If I was going to write a rant, it would be exactly what you wrote. You hit all my hot buttons. Well done. You can rant here anytime you feel the urge. Well done.