Midget Wrestler Sliding on Face: Get Over It — 2 Comments

  1. This went over well with the 15 year old set I have here at the house. Wrestling was big time when I was growing up. “The Crusher”, last championship was 1966 when he beat Mad Dog Vachon for the AWA title. He’s gone to the “big beer hall in the sky” now but always remembered by those of us whose formative years were the 60s. Here’s his obituary and bio:

  2. @Vintage P: I’m glad I could entertain your teenagers. Boy, those names you threw out don’t ring a bell at all. And that was the time I would have been watching. I guess we didn’t have the AWA tour.

    The Iron Sheik once put a dent in my dad’s car – at least that was the story the car deal sponsor told the audience. The Sheik chased somebody into the parking lot to do the “damage.” Actually my brother hit a light pole a few weeks before it was traded!