Posh & Paris Hilton Share Body Defects. — 10 Comments

  1. Eww, now, those are some fugly feet. Those girls should at least have enough sense to cover them up instead of wearing those low-cut shoes. Aren’t combat boots still considered chic? I know my daughter wears them.

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  2. Hahaha! Oh my. That’s funny. But in her defense against your notice that you wear size 13…a size 11 in women’s shoes is only a size 9 in men’s. :-)(did I really just “defend” Paris Hilton?? Hmm, I might find somebody to give me a talking to…

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  3. Yea those are ugly feet! But what struck me even more is in that picture she looks anorexic. Look closely at her arms and legs, very thin with no musculature at all. Another reason her feet look so bad, there’s hardly anything covering those bones. Wonder when that picture was taken? In the news lately she doesn’t appear that thin.

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  4. I have big feet too. It helps with the whole balance bit.

    The tendons are impressive though… you could grate carrots on those.

  5. I was amazed to see her in flatties on the photo. Paris usually wears high heels to make her feet look smaller. And now she’s paying the price for her vanity: like Posh, she is getting bunions, you just can’t see it in the picture, because the shoe is closed at the toes.