Roger Clemens is Guilty: The Proof? He Didn’t Bawl Like Brett Favre — 8 Comments

  1. Now don’t you go ranking out Mark Messier, or I WILL have to come out there and kick your non-hockey-loving ass.

    I cried like a baby watching Gretzky’s retirement ceremony.

  2. @Gretchen: Yes ma’am. You cried watching television? I just don’t get that! Especially a “news” event. If it was a tear-jerker movie, maybe…

  3. I for one was very touched by Brett’s sincere emotion of the moment. I think it makes him even more appealing. I like when these macho athletes show their honest human emotional side…but of course, I’m just a silly, sentimental, emotional mom and grandma who cries at the slightest hint of raw emotion. Guilty. I’m going to have to get the ‘real’ scoop on you from Nancy one of these days Mr. Iron Man.

  4. @Joy: welp, we disagree. If his dog had died, I could understand it, but otherwise, he should get a grip.

    I also don’t buy it when atheletes play a game after a close relative dies. ie: Favre playing after his dad died – “because that’s what he would have wanted.” Bull. He played because he loved the game, and hanging around the funeral home is depressing. I’d like to hear a jock say that once.

    Fortunately I will never have to face that situation of having a press conference when I retire, so I can be Mr. Iron Man.

  5. Welp, we agree….on one thing. Playing a game after a close relative dies. Because he loved the game and hanging around the funeral home is depressing….yep, I think that’s exactly why he played the game. But…I’m not ready to tar and feather him for that.

    Oh, and we agree on one other thing….Roger Clemens is as guilty as hell.

  6. @Joy: How many times have you heard of an athlete competing after the loss of a family member? It happens a lot, so I’m painting them all with a the same brush. The are self centered and pampered.