Ron Pee: You Have Earned Your Good Luck. — 10 Comments

  1. True story: I once tried to copyright the term “Four Score” for when the Chicago Bulls won their fourth straight title. Sadly, the Bulls never won four in a row, but twice won THREE straight titles.
    Thanks for the well wishes. That’s some funny writin’.

  2. SIU is THE party school in Illinois, so it’s no wonder he’s run out of bourbon and resorted to selling things from his kitchen to restock the liquor cabinet. SIU people have been known to drink their dinners.

  3. Sadly, when I was in college, I couldn’t actually afford Bourbon. Keystone Light and dollar Long Island Iced Tea’s at “Sidetracks” were my drink of choice. I once woke up on a friend’s doorstep next to my previously eaten Pags pizza after one of those benders. Not my finest moment.