Some Pictures Just Speak Volumes. hee. — 23 Comments

  1. sixty….Love this blog! And, I have tinnitus, too. Maybe, that’s what makes us so brilliant…the constant ringing.

    For some reason, I thought that you didn’t have a blog. Wish I had visited sooner. If it’s OK, I’m gonna add you to my blogroll. But, watch out…you’ll get a lot of redneck traffic.

  2. That dudes been ugly for so long, they should have his picture next to “Ugly” in the encyclopedia.

  3. @trailerparkbarbie: That makes three of us with tinnitus – or maybe you mentioned it earlier? I’ll have to look. Yep, I’m a 24/7 ringer too.
    You are on a roll! Keep it up. I’m in Kentucky, so I’m used to whatever you bring. We’re all real here. Thanks for the blogroll add, I’ll do the same.
    @Jenny, Bloggess: I’ll give it a try – the zombie look. But I’m no photoshopper…

  4. “Iggy, there’s something in the air tonight”
    “No, my Depends just need changing you Wanker!”

  5. @Thornton: hehehe, that’s what he looks like, a little photoshopping and it’s perfect.
    @thesavvyboomer: He looks like an afghan! Except his nose isn’t long enough. Close, but not quite.