Update – Brett Favre: Media Favorite; No Photos of Him Crying — 13 Comments

  1. I have found quite the opposite to be true…they won’t stop talking about it in the media! I actually have the entire press conference video on my blog that shows every tear…its a shame that such a great athlete doesn’t have more compelling coverage for his retirement.

  2. @Apryl: I guess I should have said “print” media – have protected Favre. There is video because TV likes the sensational and so they use it. But there is no stills of the event. I think that is pretty amazing.

  3. @Mary: I didn’t mean to overlook you, your comments were held for moderation for some reason.
    Anyway… sorry, Favre isn’t crying in any of those pictures. If you didn’t know what he was doing, it could be any other press conference.
    It’s a vast MSM conspiracy! 🙂

  4. Here is one with his face wet with tears.

    Pics like these were all over the Wisconsin print media.

    A lot of people in the state have been crying since he announced his retirement. 🙁

  5. Thanks for visiting! And yeah, I can’t deny that I thought it was sweet that Brett Favre was crying like a baby. I’m one of those women who loooove the studly guys with a sensitive side.

    Please visit more often. I don’t get reprimanded on my own blog nearly enough. 🙂

  6. @Mary: If those pictures existed, Google ™ search engine would have them. (Hi Sergey and Brin) If Google ™ search engine doesn’t have them, they don’t exist. I know fans were besot with regret. But they are common folks like me, so I have no comment.

    @Mockarena: No stud should have a sensitive side. Mutually exclusive. Only propeller heads should be able to cry. I have you in my RSS, but in looking over your blog, I agree with most everything you write.

  7. Yup, the print media avoided it…*rolls eyes* Thats why Sports Illustrated put a picture of him crying on the front cover of their magazine…..

  8. @Rob: no they didn’t. If they did, post a link. What I saw was Favre with that 1000 yard stare, maybe his eyes were moist. Anyway, men who cry at press conferences about their retirement are still pussies.

  9. Maybe its a tears of joy. All of us experience crying when we are overwhelm or happy or sad. I don’t believe that real man don’t cry. Its a false saying.