View This Site in Firebox: Bill Gates is a Prick — 6 Comments

  1. Out of curiosity are you using the built in visual editor for wp? I turned it off on my site because it would shift bits of the code around when you did a copy/paste from other sites that used embeded objects. you can turn it off by going in and editing the user info…should be a check box at the top.

    I know how you feel about coding for IE as well, I’ve been debating a bit of a redesign with my site and having to do all the work arounds for IE is one of the reasons that I haven’t bothered yet.

  2. @Stepford Mom: But I want to use the Visual Editor!!! (((sigh))) I will try that.
    I thought CSS was supposed to make all this workaround junk moot. I just started messing with CSS in the past few months, so I have a lot to learn.

  3. I don’t know anything about this visual editor, will have to take a look. I agree about Firefox though. Will open up IE and see if your site looks any different to me.

  4. I had to remove my post with the bitstrips comic … it messed up my blog site. I’m going to try a different comic maker and I’ll let you know if it’s any better.

  5. @Elaine: turning off Visual Editor in WordPress did the trick!

    @Edna: It’s a zero sum game, when one blog gets fixed, another one has to break so as not to upset the natural balance of the universe.
    I’m sorry it was your turn.

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