Violent Acres: Comment on Making Light Promises — 5 Comments

  1. Oh my good lord but this is an excellent post you linked to. Thank you muchly. Now if I can only figure out how to leave comments on the other blog!!! Is the comment link staring me in the face? It is, isn’t it?

  2. As I often do, I agree with VA, and you don’t even have to couch a promise as a promise; if you tell a kid you’re going to do something, you’d better do it, or be prepared for him to tell you “You lied to me.” I take this very seriously with my kids. I’m also trying to teach Ben that when raising the possibility of an outing to me in front of the kids, he’d better spell it or use code words, or THAT will be taken as a representation that we’re actually going on the outing in question.

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  3. Hee. My kids are slowly learning that although I pay lip service to Daddy as the “boss of the Ohana”, Mommy is really the Supreme Court when it comes to what goes and what doesn’t.

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