Wife As Bunny; Egg in Shoe; Eggs on Ceiling — 14 Comments

  1. Erika and her husband are here coloring eggs with the kids. And I like the egg in the shoe thing, although I hope it’s boiled quite firm, otherwise such a mess if you put in your foot without looking.

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  2. @Gretchen: that’s cool that you’re having a family mess. Did the bros. talk Boolie into tasting the blue water? Yes, the egg is very well boiled and then tossed because it usually was slipped in the night before.

  3. You know, I can almost smell that exploding egg disaster! Ick 🙂
    I discovered that easter egg hunts are more exciting for the organiser than for the kids, having organised my first ever hunt for Puppychild yesterday! I’ll never forget it. The hyperactivity and sugar induced madness was worth it!

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  4. OOPS! Not from Grandad… from me! (As you can probably guess from the ditzier affectations)

    Forget to check the small print.

  5. Long ago I exploded a pot of hardboiled eggs, too. I was distracted playing a fierce game of backgammon with my roommate in the other end of the apartment, and completely forgot the eggs. Consumption of wine may have played a part.

    Suddenly I said “What’s that popping noise? Are kids playing with firecrackers on the street?”

    And oh yes oh yes oh yes the smell.

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  6. What he has forgotten is the time his parents came for Easter and I had the girls make place cards, etc. to keep them out of my hair! So they made little “stands” to put hardboiled on and we colored them with every person’s name on it. However, to play a trick on Sixty, his egg wasn’t hardboiled! So the joke around the table was is it or isn’t it? So we told him to smash the egg – the look on his face was priceless – could have been a commercial!

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  7. @Kate the G8, aka Grandad: Yes, I could tell by the attitude of the post that something was amiss. Turns out Grandad was a Miss! Hiding the eggs was fun, and giving vague confusing hints too.

    @Oh Polly: never drink and boil – one of life’s hard lessons. “What’s that popping?” “Shut up, it’s your turn!” LOL.

    @Absurdist: use FF for best view, thanks.