A Man, A Can, A Plan — 7 Comments

  1. Hee! Well, if that doesn’t enlighten them, it’s a hopeless situation.

    Also, I envy your tree trimmings. There aren’t proper trees in So Cal, just all this imported eucalyptus and oddball stuff, plus the palm trees of course. I miss good old oaks, maples, willows, birches, sycamores, etc. And lightning bugs. Do you know they don’t even have lightning bugs here? That’s just plain wrong. It’s not summer without lightning bugs and kids running around catching them.

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  2. Well it sounds like you all should hop on Southwest Air and come to Kentucky. (actually fly into Nashville)
    We have trees. Fireflies will be out in a month. We’ll feed you real Q. Your kids probably haven’t even had the please of a mosquito bite???

  3. Oh, you don’t want me to get started on that. I went to visit a girlfriend in North Carolina two years ago with Boolie, and Ben was afraid I wouldn’t come back. We even hatched a plan to take the equity in our house and move there, but the real estate market tanked before we could do it. Our equity is now a fraction of what it once would have been, and we are stuck with this house until the market recovers.

    No, no mosquitoes either, even though we live by an estuary and you know skeeters love water. Actually it is a sort of blessing, ’cause skeeters always loved me special and I would get 20 mosquito bites while everyone else in the group got four.

    So. Did they pick up your tree trimmings? Or are they still scratching their heads over the sign? I expect it’s not a language barrier, since I don’t expect you get many Hispanics in those parts.

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  4. @Gretchen: MOVE HERE? How did visit turn into MOVE HERE? This is the bible belt remember. Truth? You wouldn’t fit in with Southern Belles AT ALL. Nancy wants to be a SB, but about every three months, somebody reminds her “you’re not from around here are you.” Ben and the kids would do OK because the standards are lower.

    Sounds like you live in a cool area – I don’t know what a estary, is that what we would call a “park?”

    Oh no, tree trimmings won’t be picked up until Monday (trash day) at the earliest – but it’s entertaining to the traffic.

    Funny you should mention Hispanics, we went to Mexico last night. Looking for new mexican place. On the other side of the tracks, literally, we found about a half dozen. Unfortunately, we were the only ones in this place. hmmmmmmmm.
    We have probably 20% hispanics.

  5. Okay. Yes, move there. I don’t fit in with soccer moms and trophy wives whatsoever anyway, so there’s business as usual. In general I would love to move home to Pennsylvania, but Ben and I have concluded that place is really fucked up on a state level (along with Illinois, Texas, New York, California and Florida).

    Sorry, y’all. I’m an equal opportunity offender. And yes, I’d be happy to be reviled as an outsider by either the South or N’England. Someone make me an offer!

    An estuary is an inland body of water which is partly saltwater and partly freshwater. When I was a kid I always wanted to live at the beach, but I meant the Atlantic, you hear me, God? The Pacific is cold and inhospitable. Much like So Cal natives. Feh. You can live like right on top of the beach and not even know it’s there, whereas East the shore is the shore.

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  6. Oh and dude, you SO don’t want to go to Mexico. First time I drove across the border into Tijuana I smelled something like burning rubber. I thought something was wrong with the car. Eventually, Erika’s dad and I concluded it was just the smell of Mexico.

    Only saving grace: You can get huge bottles of Kahlua there like really cheap. Oh, and they have actual “donkey shows” although I doubt Nancy would sanction this.

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  7. @Gretchen: OK, if you’re comfortable not fitting in, you would fit right in. Long way to the beach.
    Thanks for the estuary lesson. Brackish water, right?
    Mexico: We’ve been to Tijuana – 20 years ago, Nancy more recently and then on further south – Encenada?. We have been to Nogales about three years ago. We do like the big bottles of Kahlua and Vanilla, and the pottery and the other tourist junk.