After Reading Some RSS Feeds I Feel The Need To Wash My Hands: The Bathroom Chronicles — 11 Comments

  1. @Lisa’s Chaos: I was going to look up other bloggers that had written about this subject, but knew I would be overcome with crap. Your link to poop posts (and the poopsies award) illustrates that.

    As originator of the award, you should do the honors!

  2. Odd bathroom habits are endless. My boys’ aim is NOT true; my husband talks to himself on the pot.

    I don’t own a laptop and therefore don’t blog on the pot, though I SO would do. Mostly, I go in there to get away from my family for a few minutes. But always must I read, usually about John Belushi.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Six Word Memoir Meme.

  3. Oh and Boolie does not yet go to the pot, but she DOES come up to us and announce brightly, “I took a dump!” She’ll be using the toilet before long, and OH GOD am I going to be glad she’s not a boy, otherwise FOUR males’ worth of pee dribbles to scrub up.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Six Word Memoir Meme.

  4. I’ve never understood why anyone wants to write about bodily functions, or why comedians make jokes about them. Don’t all of us, regardless of age, have other interests and other things to write about? Am I one of only a few who don’t consider such things either funny or interesting?