Aside from a Lawsuit, What’s to Fear from Hell’s Angels? — 8 Comments

  1. We have some wannabe Hell’s Angels in the town where I lived for a while in Germany.
    Big boys with big bikes. Scary and they can hurt you, but most of them are just a big laugh 😉

    I think this guy just wants to make a few bucks. And hell, the way the system works in the US he might even luck out 😉

  2. You have it all wrong about the Hells Angels. They are alive and very well, and have been quite active in biker drug wars all over the world.

    Just a few things I wanted to correct or question

    1) The HAMC membership is worldwide, and most of the members are under 30.
    2) Sonny essentially came up with the term and symbol 1% as a way to snub his nose at the American Motorcyclist Association which dubbed him and his club 1%’ers. It’s now worn with pride by the members of a handful of clubs (Hells Angels, Bandidos, Pagans, Outlaws). If they are going to use the symbol and make a semi-documentary about the rise of the Hells Angels, I believe Sonny has a right to be slightly peeved.
    3) You should try talking to the average State Policeman or Federal Officer and asking what they think of the Hells Angels. Most will tell you they are among the most powerful criminal cartel in the world, dealing in drugs, guns, white slavery/prostitution, pornography and murder.
    4) The Hells Angels were friendly with Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead but didn’t do security for them. They were security for The Rolling Stones at the infamous Altamount Concert where people crowd were assaulted and one was stabbed to death by the Hells Angels

  3. if you think that the h.g. or 81 is just a bunch of old geezers chugging beer, let them catch you wearing their colors if you’re not a member. a few years ago they almost took over canada. WAKE UP!!

  4. All I have to say to this original article is you have a large amount to say when your behind your computer, but I would love to see your words when faced with just a prospect of a Angel. The Angles are still prevalent in today’s society, still around in every major community and they always will be.
    I thought I would just show how ignorant you really are to undermine the power and relevance of the Hells Angels.

    SF Ca

  5. @SF Ca: You been watching too much of Sons of Anarchy. Yeah Hecks Angels are thugs and gangsters: but pretty impotent when up against real crimesters. OK, so they can kill me, so what? They can’t control the communities like they used to in the 50s.

  6. GoinglikeSity –

    Sons of Anarchy I’ve seen it here and there how could you not, a Hells Angel created it,

    “OK, so they can kill me, so what? They can’t control the communities like they used to in the 50s.”

    Ok controlling the communities, like I said in my post before they are in every major city across the us and in numerous other countries as well. So for you to sit there and say they “can not control” the communities how they used to in the fifties I would like to hear some kind of evidence to prove your statement.

    SF Ca

  7. SF Ca: I’m up on current events. The most mayhem caused in communities and even major cities comes from organized crime with political connections and ethnic gangs.

    I’m not going to do the research to prove anything. Don’t have to, don’t want to.

    Heck’s Angels do charity work for chrissakes! If they are so dangerous, why do charities allow them this access to create positive P.R.?