GE Stock Rises on NBC’s Deal With Gifford; She Pays $1.8 Billion for Today Show Hour — 6 Comments

  1. I think (1) thanks for throwing me the bone and (2) it’s “Tennille”. I know this because one of my good blogger friends, Tenille of the Secret Evil Blog, spells it differently.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Empty Nest.

  2. Doesn’t entice me to watch – just like Oprah “stumping” for Obama – would make me vote against him!

  3. @Nancy: I hope in the major markets she goes up against Reege and Kelli and get’s her hat handed to her!
    @Nessa: I gotta go with the table-lovin’ man as the sickest between the two posts!

  4. Yeah, I get the idea I’m a real bitch today, so sorry about that. Actually I never got back to sleep after Boolie’s 4 a.m. visit, so that stands to reason.

    Kathie Lee, though, = barf-o-matic. I will never forgive that woman for so relentlessly inflicting her stupid children Cody and whoever on the American public. At least I’m smart enough to realize the public doesn’t find my kids as adorable as I find them (despite today’s blog post).

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Empty Nest.