If Mars Candy Screws Up M&M’s, Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned. — 11 Comments

  1. You won’t lie this, gls, but I absolutely loved the dark chocolate raspberry m&ms during their short life span. You can throw out the mint and mocha ones – ewwwww – no thanks. I’ll reserve judgment on the others until they’re in my mouth.

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  2. @nessa: a reverie if there ever was one.
    @Vintage P: I think Nova Scrotum is 30 minutes; 45 minutes, now that is WILD!
    @Catch Her In The Wry: no you shouldn’t lie, you will get warts on your tongue.

  3. For some reason I was persuaded to purchase the premium almond m&ms yesterday and I have to be honest..they’re so good. The texture is so yummy and it raelly felt like i was eating a premium m&m. Now, will this do well, probably not…but once in awhile i’ll spend and extra $2 to get that taste.

  4. @liza: I’m glad you enjoyed the candy. (I just threw a handful of plain M&M’s into my mouth.)
    Do you suck off the candy coating and then just eat the nut? Or do you crush them on your back molars? Maybe I have been eating them wrong?