It’s Official; I Have Crossed a Line. I’m Now a Cigar Smoker. — 7 Comments

  1. You readers take note: Yes, Nancy mowed the yard and it’s not a riding mower! Also, he should removed his clothes, leave them laying outside because in no friggin’ way, are they going in my washing machine to have that stinky, gross smelling smell in it!!! There are plenty of laundromats in town HE can use! How stupid at 60 years of age to do something like that – I’d rather he bought a damn motorcycle!

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  2. Welcome to the Dark Side, Sixty. There’s something about dragging the tv out to the deck and tuning in to the Red’s game during those spring/summer nights.

    Get your favorite libation nearby. Then light up that hog leg, relax and enjoy! I don’t recommend more than one though(cigar or baseball game-doesn’t apply to beverages).
    Your mouth will taste like hell’s kitchen the next day if you have multiple smokes.

    I also like baseball games because those S.O.B.’s can take forever to smoke. You don’t want to put one out and come back later to that burnt offering. Block out a good hour to truly enjoy it.

    Of course my favorite thing to do with a Cigar-Calm down you Clinton lovers-is to traipse around the backyard like Groucho Marx. Although my neighbor always tends to slap my face when I yell over the fence for her to “Say the secret word and win $100”