Kraft Has Cut the Cheese So You Don’t Have to. — 7 Comments

  1. @Queen of Shake Shake AND OTHERS:
    Question: what would be a year’s supply of Kraft Processed Cheese Food at your house?

    At our house, that would be at MOST 26 packages.

  2. I haven’t eaten a slice of Kraft “so called cheese” in…hmmm…can’t remember when the last time was that I even bought it. It’s not REALLY cheese, ya know? It feels like rubber and sticks to your teeth. Real cheese is better as it isn’t filled with so much oil……..

    a real Mule rider….. JS

  3. That “sticking to your teeth” comment brought back memories. I happened onto your page because my website, Velveeta…Exposed, tracks all things Velveeta. Frankly I thought I was the only one who thought about these things anymore. It’s nice to know you’re here.

  4. @Obrienbarbara: Squidoo? I thought that died a long time ago. I have a few pages that I guess I should take a look at and freshen up (!)
    Thanks for commenting.
    I have lots of Velveeta memories, I will pop in on your site and see what I can learn and relive some memories. Velveeta Memories – great name for a Country Western tune.