Let Me Tell You About My Underwear — 14 Comments

  1. Ben sleeps in his, too. No tighties or whities for him. Sam wears boxer briefs, and Matt wears jockey shorts with characters on them. And they sleep in their underwear, too. In fact, usually first thing they do when they get home is strip down to their skivvies.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Matt Learns To Write.

  2. I wear long johns all year around and sleep in a bunny suit. My neighbors duck inside when they see me coming out the door, I’ve been banned from the local supermarket and my wife refuses to sleep with me any more. So do the cats for that matter.

    Thank you for not tagging me with this one. I’m forever grateful. πŸ˜›

    Kirk M’s last blog post..A Six Word Meme

  3. This tagging is getting kinda overdone.

    But…how else would I have gotten you to tell me about your undies? And, you know how much I like that kind of dirty talk. LOL

  4. @Lisa’s Chaos: ummmmmmm, OOOOK.
    @Kirk: Upgrade in progress, who knows what’s going on!
    @TrailerParkBarbie: my undies have very few skid marks.

  5. @Queen of Shake Shake: Yes you are, after all, the skid mark athor-it-tay – and have the illustration to prove it.
    Do you ever see Jesus or the Virgin Mary in any skid marks?

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