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  1. Alright, lets get one thing straight – First, I’m a ‘X’er’ (not a ‘boomer’) but I am a female, and therefore possess boobs (or as I fondly refer to those tiny bits as ‘boob-etts’). Secondly, my chest is somewhat ‘concave’ and could probably certainly use some stuffing that isn’t made of tissues.

    But… (yes, there’s always a butt)

    For my third point I’d like to say that I’m not uncomfortable too bothered by my lack of cleavage. Sure, I’d like more… but I would’ve also like to have been born with two life-long working kidneys and a hoo-hoo not filled with tumors.

    I guess my final point (the one that matters) is this – I think boob-jobs are fine for women who want them, especially if they are an ‘optional’ surgery that can be chosen (regardless of reason…)

    … but in my case I’ve had to live by the knife – so many surgeries I’ve not had a choice about – and therefore I couldn’t and wouldn’t (at least not in the immediate future) be able to chose an ‘elective’ surgery just so someone could compliment them me on how great they I look.

    *snicker* Possibly in the future, when it’s been a few years and I’m aching for some new scars and/or cute male nurses and hospital food.

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  2. Oh CHRIST. That book just makes me want to spit — you know how I feel about communicating those values to little kids. Like boys aren’t obsessed enough with women’s body parts.

    My 23-year-old daughter has a boob job, which is her business. My main misgiving is that it might someday interfere with breastfeeding, and you know I’m a nursing nutjob. As for me getting one, I told Ben it was up to him. If he wants to buy me a pair of tits, I’ll wear them. So far he’s held off. We have better things on which to spend our money.

    Of course the “girls” ain’t what they used to be after nursing four kids, but bless Ben’s heart, he’s got his values straight and thinks nursing your kids is more important than perky tits.

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  3. @Krissi: I’m not a dirty old man. I thought I showed remarkable restraint. I wish you were born with everything you need to lead a healthy life. I’m glad you weighed in.

    @Gretchen: OMG if Erika ever has kids and decides not to breastfeed how will you survive?
    Saint Ben.

  4. Knowing some women who have had boob jobs, I understand the awkwardness of know what to say, whether to say, whatever…

    To some, this is the most important thing that has ever happened to them (unfortunate, isn’t it?) and they are so damn happy, and they want the world to know and react to their newly enhanced tits. With new boobs, displayed with exactly the right amount of cleavage and tightness of blouse/sweater/top, it is difficult not to notice. As yet, I’ve never been in a situation where I could say anything. And, no, it had nothing to do with the fact that my tongue was hanging to my waist and drooling…

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  5. @Winston: I’m not going to judge whether it’s sad or not. I know when I got man-boobs, I wasn’t very pleased. I think I would probably give a Michal Scott (The Office) reaction.

  6. “Anything more than a handful is just waste” – some anonymous someone

    I know of only one woman who had breast surgery and she had a reduction. Her back was killing her from all the weight.

    I have never understood anyone voluntarily going under the knife, especially only because they are unhappy about their body image. Leave the boob jobs for reconstructive surgery after cancer or other traumatic event.

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  7. Discussion #1 Be a smart man. The only comment a man can make in regards to another woman’s boob job is how awesome his partner/wife’s tits are just as they are. That’s it.

    Discussion #2 Oh I love the book! It’s great that we continue to teach our little children all about superficial beauty. Kudos to THAT author.

    Discussion #3 (I’m making this one up) Perhaps when men begin having cosmetic surgery on their penises, say going from a 4 incher to an 8 incher, then we can compare boob jobs to penis operations. Until then, I don’t think vasectomy discussions are quite the same.

    Can we now discuss man boob jobs? Or are there no such things?

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  8. @Queen of Shake Shake: First, welcome home. I missed reading your stuff. I hope you have lots of stories about pooping in the wilds of the Great Smokes.

    Second: #3 yeah, you’re right, Dad laying around all day on the weekend with his hand on his nuts is pretty normal. The kids might ask about the bag of ice, but probably not.

    Man boobs? You read about the guy that had implants to win $100,000 right?