My Six Word Memoir Meme — 11 Comments

  1. Still waiting on the update for K2. Soon as it’s out, I’ll jump on it.

    I’m going to lay down now. You’re just lucky I don’t own a laptop so I can blog from bed.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..A Six Word Meme

  2. Now you are really sounding like authentic tech support. I got the sme answer from on why they didn’t have 2.5 available thru Fantastico. They said they were waiting for Fantastico.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice lay.

  3. And now they ditched Fantastico for something called “Simple Scripts” which works basically the same way but cannot convert Fantastico installs so “Simple Scripts” can handle the upgrades. It will just overwrite your existing installation with a brandy (and empty) new one if you try to use it.

    No worries though. Once your install is upgraded and with a couple new WP features and a plugin, you probably won’t ever need me again. I’ll just wander off somewhere and water a tree or something.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..A Six Word Meme

  4. Yeah, I saw that, but they didn’t say they were ditching Fantastico in my email from them. Prawley didn’t know. I may not need you, but I know you will be there to harass me.

  5. I did my whole blogroll in 6-word memoirs. The one for myself is “The Stigmata of The Single Life” because I was dating a guy for a while who kept saying “stigmata” when he meant to say “stigma.”

    PS – I’m here because I saw your “last post” title on The Blogess…

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