Little Robby Red Breast So Nice and Sweet — 10 Comments

  1. Oh damn, be nice to her! I understand about the bird shit, but please. We don’t even HAVE robins here. How fucked up is that?

    My oldest once found a baby hummingbird that had been blown out of the nest by a storm. I took the little booger and hand-fed it sugar water through a tube every fifteen minutes for two weeks until it was big enough to fly, then graduated it to hibiscus flowers, then released it off my balcony. Upside: hummingbirds don’t crap much.

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  2. Just what a liberal would do: teach your kid that no matter what happens someone will be there to bail you out.
    Hillary is coming to town tomorrow. If it doesn’t interfere with our tee time we will go cheer her on – would do the same for Obama -if it didn’t interfere with our tee time.

  3. A liberal? Actually I’m a moderate Republican although technically a registered Democrat at the moment. I voted for W twice, you know. But I’ve had an impacted assful of the Republican Party at this point, and I’m a sucker for those young, optimistic Kennedy types.

    One of my friends’ husband saw both Hill and Barack in South Dakota. He confirmed for me my suspicion that Hillary’s hair never, ever moves. Even in a strong breeze.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..The Stink Bug Patrol.

  4. It looks like little Robbie Redbreast is getting a reprieve because I can’t find any snakes in town. Ordered them on the internet and they are backordered! So little Robbie Redbreast and her suitors can continue to poop all over. CRAP!