M&M Faces New Marketing Strategy — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not so much for M&Ms, but Maker’s Mark? I am all over that shit. When we go to Lucille’s, the Southern barbecue chain I’ve mentioned, we always order Maker’s Mark mint juleps.

    Vanity M&Ms are all the rage, aren’t they? I remember they recently started making them available with personalized messages (mine, of course, would all say Up Yours and Eff You and Douchebag). Faces were the logical next step.

    We always called Reese’s Pieces “Feces Pieces”. They are SO much more fun that way.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Subway: Bite ME.

  2. @Gretchen: Do they serve the Mint Juleps in silver cups? I think I’ll go to the site and see how raunchy I can get with words.

    @Mary: I’m glad you are here, thank you. There is no such thing as sugarless M&M’s. You must be thinking of aspirin.

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