Only In America: $3.999 isn’t $4.00. What I’m Doing to Reduce Gas Cost at Casa De BowWow — 8 Comments

  1. Ha. I was going to blog gas prices today after paying $67 to fill up my small minivan. Your post is much funnier than mine would’ve been.

    I paid exactly $3.999 per gallon at Arco (absolutely the cheapest name brand gas you can find in these parts), and yeah, it did make me feel a little better that it wasn’t “actually” $4.00.

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  2. I am a serious, serious Diet Pepsi and Cokehead. (I know a lot of people insist on one or the other, but I buy what Target has on sale. No Diet Rite though; that shit is awful.) Over the course of one long hot day a while back I polished off nearly a 12-pack of Diet Coke. That is one serious habit.

    We are trying to find ways to trim our family budget right now and I’ve considered eliminating my cola fix, but I have concluded: No way. If we’re not buying wine, we are SO buying Diet Coke.

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  3. @Gretchen: Do you Coke Zero? Not bad, but the caffeine in the other stuff is addictive of course and at 12 a day, that’s a bad habit. It IS hard to cut back/kick.
    You stopped buying wine? Learn to cut your boys hair and you can go back to booze.

  4. Ha. I almost never cut their hair. I let it grow until THEY start complaining, then I take them to Supercuts. Plus I completely suck at all traditional female skills including wrapping gifts, party and cake decorations, and doing anything presentable with hair. Oh, and housework.

    Coke Zero DOES have caffeine, I looked it up! The cherry stuff tastes okay, the regular stuff tastes like crap. And I can’t stand any caffeine-free cola. Not because of the lack of a buzz, but because it just tastes awful.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Luuuuuc.