Our Time Has Arrived: Older Boomers – Geezers – Deserve Our Own Category on — 19 Comments

  1. @Grannymar: You are taking it better than I expected.:) Hope it brings us some traffic.

    @Gretchen: I consider you lots of things, but Geezer isn’t one of them, and you have a long way to go. Tell Sam I’m mad at China too.

  2. Why, thank you sir for bestowing upon me “Geezer” status. It’s not every day that one is granted such an accolade. Seems that makes me either (usually) old or eccentric according to the definition and I’ll take eccentric any day. Unfortunately, I have to wait another 5 years before I qualify for a senior citizens discount at my local market. Can’t wait for that, I’ll tell ya’. Every little bit helps.

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  3. So I’m a Geezer, am I? Does that mean I become a tourist attraction like that one in Yellowstone Park?

    I am honoured, Sir.

    Where did you ask for a listing? Oddities? Startups? Celebrities? Or did you request a new category??

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  4. Sixty,

    Ay? ‘Scuse me? Batteries must be dead in my hearing aids. Wait…let me get my teef in my mouf so’s I can hear you better. Where’s my walker? Where’s my damn walker!


    Tourist attraction? You mean like “Old Facefull”?

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  5. @Grandad: I thought your comment was funny till I read Kirk’s – he one upped ya! Yes, I requested a new category: we are negotiating, but I feel confident it will be “Geezers.” If you write Kathryn you could suggest something better or endorse Geezer.

    @Kirk: LOL, I have never heard it called Old Faceful! Your “meds” must be working!

  6. Thanks for the Geezer club rec …. I guess.

    Though my brain may be firmly in geezer mode, I am still immature-enough appearing to the Paris crowd to pass for youthful something or other. Last weekend a waiter told my 60-year-old friend — who is quite a Parisienne looker! — that her “children were already seated at the table” (I was with her 21-year old son.) Being young isn’t necessarily a compliment in France, either.

    All-Top: a division of All-Bran??

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  7. @Joy, cracks me up that everybody is “honored.” You guys are too easy. There is no compensation involved you know.
    @Polly: So you were incensed and told the waiter off? That would be the American thing to do. 🙂 AllTop/AllBran – maybe that should be the category! The All Bran Bunch!
    @Grandad: Jeepers, two comments on the same post! You must be putting off a job you don’t want to do???

  8. No, I didn’t reprimand the lovely, darling waiter, but I left a big tip!

    Despite an aging memory, I’ll never forget the last bona fide time I was asked for an ID when purchasing liquor — eight years ago — in Massachusetts. (The sign said “we ID anyone who looks 30 or younger.) The guy looked at my driver’s license, then at me, and said, “Oh, honey, you DO hold yourself together well!” Thrilled me to the core!

    Then I got carded again in the Atlanta airport this spring — YIPPEE! I thought — until I read the sign that said “We require identification from all individuals purchasing alcohol, whatever age they may be.” DAMN.

    I guess I should have just ordered prune juice instead of a Heineken. With All-Bran instead of peanuts for nibbling?

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  9. Geezer isn’t a very attractive term. Also, I know some women accept the term chrone and have chrone celebrations when they get older.

    Writing for boomers is tricky. There’s a lot of difference between those born in 1946 and those born in 1964. I try to think about that when I write my blog.

    I write a blog for boomer consumers called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at


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  10. @Rita: I’ll give you that Geezer can be pejorative unless we embrace it and make it ours.
    I have never heard the term chrone before. What is the derivation/meaning?
    You and I have a different outlook on our blogs and that certainly should be reflected in a category. You may not want to be included in this category.

  11. Well now…I am a GEEZER, am I????? LOL

    Well, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later!

    At least it is amongst friendly bloggers that I know! LOL

    JUST DO NOT EVER CALL ME a GRUMPY GEEZER…or I will blow a gasket…I must rant or I will EXPLODE!

    I like the new look…keep up the tyranny…

    Come and see my new host…

    See ya’ in the funny papers,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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  12. @Baby Boomer Queen: YOu are only a Geezer if you embrace the term. If you do not wish to be Geezer – simply reject it. So let it be written, so let it be done. Render undo Geezer which is Geezers.
    Glad you like new look – multiple versions are available.

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