Regulars: You Invited to Participate in Pranking Noobs to Going Like Sixty. — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, I had no idea. When you mention taxes, my eyes glaze over. This is why I have an MBA lawyer and former tax professional for a husband. He thinks Turbo Tax rocks, though, FWIW. Anything that gets him out of the tax forms and back to the History Channel is all good with him.

    Always good to insert a few hot buzzwords in your blog to draw hits. You would not believe how much traffic I got from talking about visible panty line and camel toe.

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  2. OMG, I don’t even think I can be nice to these people. HAHAHA.

    HEY PEOPLE! HEY! Do you REALLY think that goinglikesixty ACTUALLY wrote that post?! HA! It’s one of the billionty-one people that he pays to work for him! And they have his bank account information because he gave it to the IRS to give to the bank to give him his money because he Turbotaxed it! HA!


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  3. HAHAH! OH MY! I just read all of the comments from that post…too FUNNY! Poor Jarrod, life is so unfair.

    I must admit, I first learned that I would not be getting my check DD when I expected because I used SBBT when that post of yours popped up in my google reader…but beyond a brief consideration toward thanking you for passing the word on…it never occurred to me to comment.

    I’ll work on coming up with something good to ad to that very valuable discussion. 🙂

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  4. I tried to read all of the comments. I really did. But in a mass financial rebellion on my part, I refused to have anything to do with our taxes this year. After 12 years of doing it ALL (and I mean all finances, not just tax) I turned it over to the professionals.

    I’m still in rebellion mode so when I read tax, it really looks like #@$%@#

    And my tax rebate showed up just fine, right on time. That must be a first for the gov’t?

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  5. @Queen of Shake Shake: As soon as I saw rebellion, I thought you were a tax dodger and I was going to turn you in.
    Yeah, I’m like that.