Serious as a Chemical Attack: You Can Have a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security. — 4 Comments

  1. OMG, that had totally slipped my mind! I remember for a few years when the CNN and Fox News crawls displayed the terrorist threat level along with the news briefs. I didn’t really notice when they stopped. Whee! for useless governmental bodies.

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  2. I believe that’s been the case since Homeland Security was established, except perhaps after the London public transportation attacks (I seem to remember the anthrax scares preceded the establishment of the terrorist threat alert system).

    The airline thing is a pain in the ass. When I flew to Raleigh with Boolie in 2006, they searched through her diaper before allowing us on board. I have heard of moms being forced to drink their own pumped breast milk before being allowed to carry it on planes, just to prove it wasn’t toxic.

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  3. @Gretchen: Despite the “official” changes, it still is no better to fly. Always at the whim of the agent. We fly a couple times a year and it seems that everytime we go thru a line, there is some dumbass search of somebody.

    Now they are arguing if pilots should be able to line jump!

    Live In Fear!