Violent Acres Comments: Small Business Drama The Something Store — 6 Comments

  1. ah yea of little faith. a business can always succeed if you don’t have to rely on the income because then it is done from a different perspective. either way i don’t care, so long as she keeps writing.

  2. @Ashley: No faith has nothing to do with it. Why would you start a business if you didn’t want to make money? That’s called volunteering. πŸ™‚

  3. can’t say i agree. I’m sure most people start a business to make money, but I don’t think all do. i started my business because i got bored of being a soccer mom. the fact that I make money is a bonus. I’m in recruitment am really good at it, so besides helping people find jobs, I have a sense of purpose too, and that to me is way more important than the cash factor. i do volunteer too tho :).