Diet Starts in a Few Days – Kentucky Squab Almost Ready — 5 Comments

  1. Hello you old fart…

    I thought to myself today, you know, you haven’t hear from “Going like 60” lately , you need to go to his blog and see what is going on! And it is a good thing that I did!

    You are a mess! Those pill pushers must love seeing you getting out of your car and huffing and puffing up to the clinic door! I can see them know rubbing their hands together like “DICK DASTARDLY” adding up you charges already…thinking about getting a new motor for their fishing boat, at your expense!

    You know why they wear white coats don’t you? Same reason a butcher does…they don’t what to get blood on their street clothes!

    Persoanlly, I think that they are all SADISTS…Don’t they know that you worked really hard getting into that condition. And you just watch…they will want it all off in 6 months. And here is the clincher…you paid them to torture you.

    You would have been a lot better of going to a professioanl BDSM Mistress…that least then you would have gotten something out of it.

    NOW…what ever you do…do NOT, repeat, DO NOT go to my blog and look at the Black Cherry Black Forest Chocolate Cake recipe that I posted last week. Even reading the recipe will put 5 pounds on any ones butt!

    Let me know if you need me to send you some fish oil, carrots and 2% milk! The UPS guy and I have a thing going…he picks up and delivers!

    Get well soon…I WOULD MISS YOUR RANTS!!!

    Southern smiles and Fuzzy Navels,
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  2. @Sharon: Hi, and thank for your message of good cheer and hopefulness, you ole bitty! Black Cherry Black Forest? You have a black heart to mention that! I gotta check my RSS because I would remember that.
    I like little baby carrots – but I like them dipped in Blue Cheese Salad Dressing! Fish oil – ewwwwwwwwwwww

    @Gretchen: Poach a Salmon, LOL. Derby, the Cairn Terrier got a baby Dove tonight! I took it away and threw it over the fence to the neighbor yard, because they have a cat! He was so proud of himself, but he gave it up easy. Both wings were on the same side, but the bird wasn’t dead – yet.

  3. Hey, that’s pretty good! Our mini schnauzers used to flush birds in our postage-stamp backyard. Once one of them got a possum. It’s a terrier thing. Mighty hunters of small game.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Barack Wins.