Do a Great Haiku and Win a Half Million! — 7 Comments

  1. Haiku is total fag poetry. If you don’t talk about the moonlight on the water or some intricate blossom, you’re not doing it right. Feh.

    Me, I like limericks and “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”. They may be doggerel but at least they’re not GAY.

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  2. @Gretchen:
    There once was a hippie named Gretch
    Who loves to comment and kvetch.
    when she’s in the zone,
    she will piss and moan,
    and not even consider it a stretch.

    @Gretchen: I agree with you about Haiku, but it can be a mind-bender if they are good.

    @Barbara, I hope Gretchen will post her family’s version.

  3. Sixty, you old fart, you’ve done gone and picked yourself a fairly shitty subject this time. I am reminded of the olde philosopher’s wisdom etched on the walls of the meditation stall:

    Here I sit all broken hearted.
    Came to shit and only farted.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…

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