Have You Ever Heard of Brain Damage Being Contagious? — 9 Comments

  1. There are 5 members of my immediate family at the Cubs game at this very moment, and I can guarantee that none of them are wearing a necklace like that, let alone ANY necklace. They are die-hard fans, traveling over 100 miles one way several times a month just to watch the Cubbies play. If I gave them one of these necklaces for Christmas I’d get strung up or shot.

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  2. @Catch Her In the Wry: Neato! This is the old-timers game. The first game to be broadcast in Hi Def and they are broadcasting in black and white!!! SIL is NOT happy.
    When they come home with necklaces, you will have to eat your words! 🙂

  3. Be sure to get a close-up photo of SIL wearing this necklace and looking trendy/happy. Then you can show it to him 5-10 years from now so you can hear him say, “I can’t BELIEVE I wore that thing!”

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  4. @Professor Electronical: Sorry, your post got held up due to restriction by the TSA or somebody. After a large bribe, it was released today.
    You and your Cubbies need all the planets to align and perhaps this magnetic pull can get that done.