Irish Pastime Works Well in Kentucky — 4 Comments

  1. There is nothing tedious about culling tourists. It can be great sport.

    I’m a little suspicious of your motives though. You are supposed to be doing it because of the threat of International Tourism to the Free World, not because you envy their bikes? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter why, as long as you enjoy yourself.

    Grandad’s last blog post..Reasons

  2. Make you a trade… we’ll take your hot-rodders and bikers and send you about 100,000 of our CMA week flat-landers. These are easy to identify for culling: new boot cut jeans, ironed and creased, new pointy-toe boots shined to reflect the bright lights, new western style shirts with all the frith froth on them, starched and ironed, new felt cowboy hat, either white or black, and they walk with a hesitation as if they were wearing new pointy-toe boots that ain’t been broke in yet. Easy pickins…

    Winston’s last blog post..They Walk Among Us…

  3. @Grandad: Yikes, how did that fact get mixed in? I have since corrected it.
    @Winston: Ooooh booy=== next year! What would be an appropriate way to cull them? Or maybe they don’t need culling, just a good scare? We could play some Montovani or Mancini?