My Optometrist and I Don’t See Eye to Eye. ahahahahaha — 7 Comments

  1. The worst is the compression test.

    They tell you that there’ll be sudden puff and not to jump, but in telling you that, you’re on edge and are guaranteed to jump. Why don’t they just not say anything at all?

    *sigh* I’m not phrasing things very well today. I think some nuts need to be tightened in my attic.

    K8’s last blog post..I’ve to do a what, now?

  2. HeeHee! I remember getting so annoyed with one eye exam years ago that I finally closed my eyes and just gave answers. After about 3 or 4 minutes he caught on, and he was NOT amused. lol! (I was just a kid–probably 12 or so and obviously NOT paying for my own glasses.)