Watch Out for Used Needles — 8 Comments

  1. I have never knitted in public, but (surprise) I was all about nursing my babies in public. Even used to do nurse-ins at national chains like Burger King that had tossed out nursing moms. Fortunately my boobs are microscopic so no one ever noticed.

    Does crocheting count? Because I forget how to knit. (I’ll bet knitters are scornful of crocheters because crocheted stuff always looks so gay.)

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  2. This is great! This is the kind of tidbit that makes life interesting and puts a smile on my face! Thanks!

    As long as they don’t knit or crochet while driving – which technically is not in public!

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  3. @Gretchen: no any handwork is welcome. (What a straight line!) Nancy started crocheting, but hasn’t done it in a long time. There is a pattern for knitted sneaks. (Why do I KNOW these things???)

    @Mary: I am here to serve and educate. Somewhere on a highway is a person knitting behind the wheel! Bet on it.

  4. Gretchen: Crocheters are now called hookers! And I believe there is a crochet pattern for boobs – I know there is a knitted pattern. I need to get busy and get some Willie-warmers knitted to sell for Christmas gifts.

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  5. @Redneck Diva: No shit (hee) He JUST MISSED it.


    Oh Coooooool. Start it! Pick a day, make a badge and I’m am sooo there! would probably give you strong support.

    When’s the last time you farted in public – not on purpose?