When Redneck Diva Mentioned Her Farts, I Thought of Tastee Freez — 7 Comments

  1. Oh! I LOVE Tastee Freeze. We’ve had two of them up here (Anchorage, Alaska) my whole life. In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I was around 24 before I found out they weren’t a purely local joint!

    They feel so down to earth, and very much a throw back (in the good way) to a different time… I guess I just assumed it had to be a mom and pop sort of operation…not a chain.

    Even still, I’m kind of shocked that there are hundreds of them, crazy!

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  2. @Kim: Oh! Neato that you have two! And cool that they are so well run you thought they were local. Usually it’s the crappy attitudes of the employees that gives away the chains.
    Hundreds as in maybe 2 hundred! I forget, what do they call the Tastee Freez equivalent of a Dilly Bar… ice cream on a stick with choc. coating…frozen.

  3. We used to go to an ice cream stand called Twin Kiss when I was growing up in Pennsylvania. Apparently there are still a few of them around. I agree, Dairy Queen kind of sucks, although Ben can’t pass one in a mall without stopping for a Blizzard.

    I have never farted anywhere, because I am a lady.

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