Budweiser Now InBev — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t do transcription, thank God. I have people who will transcribe my own blather, but I don’t have any patience with other people’s typing, as you can imagine. (I am SUCH a bitch.) I review and summarize a lot of transcripts, but haven’t (yet) been reduced to typing them.

    Anyway. I have been up to my ass in (1) kids and (2) a mild case of food poisoning — no, not salmonella.

    Gretchens last blog post..Remember Newspapers?

  2. Top five phrases uttered by In Bev

    Bud’s foreign owned? I am SO pissed!

    Jeez, those beer bongs really makes it whiz right through ya.

    Honestly, that damn dalmation jumped off the beer wagon and lifted his leg right here.

    I thought you said you had to piss like a racehorse-not a Clydsdale!

    Put a catcher’s mask on ‘er cause tonight she’s gonna have
    more balls bounce off her chin than Yogi Berra.

  3. @Beverly: If the shoe fits… 🙂 I don’t have any hospital ER experience – for realz! Let me think, that doesn’t seem right… yep! it’s right. Sorry. No, glad.
    I am so confused!