Die Firefox Die. Why I Am No Longer a FF Fan — 27 Comments

  1. Weren’t you all up in arms about how crappy your site looks on IE not that long ago?

    Also, about google reader. I’ve found I have that problem whenever my internet connection is being hiccup-y, regardless of the browser I’m using. It doesn’t happen to me under normal circumstances or specifically on FF. Are you sure it’s not something else other than the way FF and Google reader interact.

    Not that I’m trying to change your mind. I don’t actually care what browser you use, just trying to be maybe helpful, I guess. 🙂

    Kims last blog post..I’ve been missing

  2. Weird. I don’t have any problems with Firefox, but then again I seldom use it at home. It’s Safari for the most part although WordPress won’t let me format my blog posts properly in Safari; I have to go to Firefox for that.

    I will die before I use IE.

    Gretchens last blog post..Knowledge Is Not Always Power.

  3. @Kim: yes, I was all up in arms about IE, but that was me screwing around with CSS when I didn’t know what I was doing. My code slave cleaned up my mess. Thank you for remembering. 🙂
    You may be right on the connection. But I can be at the same computer and switch browsers and the problem goes away.
    AND, I did not EVER have this problem before FF3.01.
    Thanks for caring about my mental health.

    @Gretchen: Yeah, that’s what I really hate about killing Firefox, is that it does do blogs better. Plus I use some add ons that I really, really will miss. Another indication of just how pissed I am with the whole deal! 🙁
    I won’t use Safari because of the WordPress formatting issue.

  4. You, sir, are a moron. It is not FF’s fault it renders some pages incorrectly it is the fault of the person who designed the website. Cleartype (smooth, anti-aliased fonts) look horrible, but you are able to turn it on in control panel whenever you want. And I’ve never had a problem with RSS.

    There are a lot of Problems with FF, like the CPU usage or increasing bloat, but making completely unfounded claims and bitching about how you hate FF isn’t going to win you any favors.

    Good day sir.

    – Dr Theodor Awesome

  5. @Dr. Awesome. LOL! Not looking for favors, just trying to buy a clue!
    So I will look for something in the control panel. If you happen to drop in again, do I want anti-aliased on or off?
    I am off… to change my control panel.
    Good evening sir.
    – Going Like Sixty, Supreme Commander.

    Ha! I am not a maroon! I couldn’t find anything in the control panel that deals with anti-aliasing. Unless it’s in some stupid folder Bill Gates named something totally unrelated to how a font displays. Like is it in the Network Places folder?

  6. I have noticed that FF seems slower than it was in earlier versions. I agree with Gretchen that the RSS thing is probably network, not browser related.
    The biggest bitch I have with FF3 is that they tightened up javascript to fix some security issues and now some javascript libraries no longer work. The library developers will no doubt bring out new versions but it was a shock to me when prototype quit working.

  7. @Glenn Palmer, oh well, yeah, it appears Kim was right. I have two computers running through a router. When I turn off one, the RSS seems to be OK. Still get the Oops, but that still can be network issues.

  8. You can use both you know. IE for your usual stuff and Firefox for working your site since WP does like FF and absolutely despises IE. You’ll probably like IE 8.0 even better when it comes out towards the end of the year.

    For me, it’s Firefox all the way (and I switched after I helped IE 7.0 before it came out, go figure). You have the strangest problems with your software, Sixty. Must be global warming!

    Kirk Ms last blog post..Firefox 3.1 Brings More Ways to Filter Location Bar Results

  9. I think your real problem is, that you’re not complying with the w3c standards, which Firefox does and IE doesn’t. It’s not an issue of popularity, it’s about writing your code the right way and not the Microsoft way. If you did that, your page would look the same in every browser.

    And after a quick look on your source code, I can without a doubt tell that you do not write your code yourself.

    Read up on HTML, CSS and PHP, and make up your mind when you have some experience to back it up with. And a web designer’s course. And some Photoshop tutorials. fact, just stop being such a n00b 😀

  10. @Jeppe A Stener Zapp: Oh you are so right about being a n00b.

    I just don’t have it in me to learn all that code. I know about w3c standards, but I just grabbed a theme and started hacking on it, and then I got some help and then I hacked on what they did.

    HTML? I used to know


  11. I didn’t read my way into all that either, I don’t have that kind of patience 😛

    All you need is a coach. Arrange a situation where you can run through some html/css tutorials, and ask a person in the room for help if you have trouble understanding it.

    This site is very easy reading.

    Learning through action is in my opinion the best way to circumvent boring literature about an interesting subject.

    Once you’re a little bit into it (which won’t take more than a day), I bet you’ll be happy you did it.

  12. @Jeppe A Stener Zapp: Thanks! I am not a manual reader. But with CSS you sure can screw up in a hurry and end up with a blank page. And of course, since I don’t read manuals, I also don’t back up as much as I should. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    And thanks for caring/pitying.

    Update: I looked at the link and it’s html. I do know html, but didn’t make the transition to CSS. Got a good CSS crib sheet like the html one?

  13. @Jeppe A Stener Zapp: Watch this space.
    I will be CSS’ing like a madman. If it works, naturally I take the credit. If I blow it up, you get the blame!

  14. Ahh – cross-browser pain…who to hate most:

    A. IE for not following the W3C web standards
    B. FF/Opera etc for not following the defacto-standard set by IE?

    Wait until you try & send out an HTML email, the diversity in email readers is even worse…

  15. Firefox stopped running on my Vista 64 computer shortly after I installed Anonymizer. Now it will not run even if Anonymizer is off. Won’t even start up. I tried installing version 3.0.7 and got the same result. Chrome and IE have no problem. Anonymizer has no effect on Chrome and Chrome displays the real IP address anyway even if Anonymizer is off – interesting.

  16. Yeah, you tell FF how much they suck!!! I love it – you putting it out there.

    Personally, I hate the cross browser issues – it would be nice if there was one standard that simply just worked!

  17. lol what a truly retarded post… anyone saying a browser must follow the crappy rendering of IE should not work as a web designer.

    You Microsoft fanboys are pathetic, enjoy your broken, insecure web surfing experience.

  18. Firefox was great a few years ago. I’m not sure what the developers have done in the past couple of years but they sure ruined a great browser with respect to performance. I may give Safari a try.