Multitudes! Please Answer My Life’s Riddle — 11 Comments

  1. @Rachel: Yes HERE! It goes away after five minutes. I’m taking all the ads off now. Next I start on widgets. Then the header, then the text. Could be the best move I’ve ever made.

  2. Before you do all that, check with your service provider to see if the problem is on their end, especially if this is only an intermittent error. Sometimes just a swift kick to the webserver or the db server is all that’s needed. You shouldn’t be exceeding CPU quota like that.

    Brian’s last blog post..No, I Won’t

  3. @Brian: Bluegoose told me it was my problem. There was some gobbledy gook along with the graphic about it being a mysql database query overload. I looked at the logs and turned on “fancy indexing” (really!) and that helped for a while. I do believe it was one of the ad servers causing the prob.

    No more million dollar adsense days, I guess!

  4. Hey Sixty,

    This simply means that your site is using too much of your particular server’s CPU. Considering your daily traffic levels you must have and all the fancy doo-dads on your site, this is not unexpected. But before you yank all the stuff there’s a couple of easy fixes for this. I’ll shoot you an email about it.

    Kirk M’s last blog post..Warning: Power Dies Upon Publishing

  5. Okay, you’re fixed. Updated your plugins while I was at it and swept up the place before I left. Dusty as hell. With a bit of luck you shouldn’t have any more problems of this kind which of course means the world is still having to put up with the stuff you post.

    Oh well, can’t have everything I suppose. 😛

    Let me know if any quirks show up…besides myself I mean.

    See ya’…

    Kirk Ms last blog post..Doing some site updates

  6. Hmmm, I see my “last blog post” links to a temporary post I deleted. You can take a post off the site but you can’t take the post out of the feed. Sorry about that.

  7. @Becky: Sorry you were quarantined in the Hall of Spam. I’m sorry. Thanks for weighing in. Maybe what Kirk did will help your friend.
    I am self-hosted, BTW. Thanks for weighing in!