Bone Cutter Delivers “Good” News — 7 Comments

  1. Auugggh! Knee replacement? God love you. Everytime they start fucking about surgically with knees or backs, mayhem ensues.

    Yesterday I was informed that my sacroiliac joint, not my back (or maybe both) is/are fucked up. Dueling doctors. I need this? At least no one wants to operate.

    Also: You are entitled to as many drugs as you wish. Be strenuous in the enforcement of your right to drugs. I say I’m entitled to general for anything beyond mole removal.

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  2. Awww, poor us. We are just falling apart.
    The worst thing is I loose my excuse for not walking as exercise. I think I’ll ask for a Lap Band at the same time.

  3. 1. Less anesthesia means you’re not under as long – it’s still GOOD anesthesia.
    2. Cutting is like the tiny incisions I had from my knee surgery where they removed my unborn twin!
    3. Less recovery time – what more could you want.

    I wish you would suck it up and “just do it”. Tiger did! Because you may not realize it, but it’s really obvious that it hurts by the way you walk – think what you’re doing to your hips and spine by walking “funny”. And you should know by now, that I’m not sitting at home because you “don’t want to do something” knowing that you don’t want to be on your knee.

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