Fly American Airlines for an Unforgettable Experience — 7 Comments

  1. I dont think AA should die, sure they suck. I worked for them in 2000 and 2001 and they took advantage of me big time. You forget that they are from Texas and they move the US Mail, courtsey of Brain Dead President Bush, who takes care of his friends. When I got laid off after 9/11 and AA stock was down to $1.25 a share, I knew it was time to buy 10,000 shares. There was no way that this shitty airline would die, and they never are going to. Well I walked away from AA a couple of years later when the stock was back up to $20 dollars a share. For those of you who don’t know, if you fly at least 5000 or 10000 miles a year, you can call AA up and ask for a Gold or Platinum Challege. Normally you need to fly 25000 or 500000 miles a year to get this with their frequent flyer program, but you can ask for the challenge….round trip to LA from Miami is 5000 miles, once you get Gold Status, you upgrade all of your flights to first class, and you don’t have to complain about bad seats or bad food, your in first class. If you don’t know, you will never know, you can keep southwest,, I prefer fly first class for the price of coach everyday. !!!

  2. @Dave: Glad your AA investment paid off. How would anyone EVER know about your insider information regarding the AA Challenge? Especially if a person flies just a couple times a year? 5000 miles is a lot to most travelers.
    What you are saying is you have to “game” AA to get treated like a real customer?
    And how does that effect the cargo door, delay on tarmac, and delay at gate?

    I know Legacy fliers hate Southwest, but WN is eating every air carriers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I get 2 free trips a year from WN just by charging stuff on my Southwest credit card!

  3. i guess i’ll have to try Gold or Platinum Challege.. haha and surely, i after buying wedding rings for my fiance, then perhaps we could tour after the wedding! 😀